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27 Jan 2017 Duck / Eisbrenner Berlin, GER

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23 Oct 2016 EISBRENNER berlin, GER Magdalena Magdalena
10 Sep 2016 EISBRENNER berlin, GER Magdalena Magdalena

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Welcome to my world of Techno.

Enjoy my music. Download & share it with friends.

Home of my sounds

Techno, revolution of sound! More than music. It’s a lifestyle.
As you can see, my virtual home got a new design. The reason, simple as it is, technologies keep evolving. New technical features and a new look. Anew gadget is the audio player. Download any track  by pressing the button (at the end of the track line inside the player). Enjoy the new play-list function. No need to start each track of an album manually, just let it play through !

… so ENJOY my World of Sound !!