Emanuel Eisbrenner aka DJ Eisbrenner’s Biography:

dj eisbrenner BiographieEmanuel Eisbrenner a.k.a DJ.Eisbrenner

1975, 23rd of September he was born in Lüneburg, Germany into an artist family. His mother is a painter and his father is musician and painter. Very early he was in contact with arts and music. A big influence was his father Norbert Eisbrenner, who started in the early sixties to develop free music together with other artists at theZODIAC in Berlin. They founded a group called Humanbeing and made the first steps in free music Krautrock and Electronic Avantgard was born. Out of the ZODIAC and Humanbeing artists like Tangerinedream, Klaus Schulze, Cluster, Kraftwerk and many more has evolved. For Emanuel it was just a question of time until he would start making music. At the age of nine he got his first computer Commodore and his exploration into the digital world started. He was very interested in electronic music and machines. And his biggest pleasure was to check the possibilities. Four years later he bought his first synthesizer Roland D-10 and connected it via MIDI to his new computer Amiga500. And made his first experiences with Midi, Sampling and Sequencing. He connected all sound sources to an eight track mixer and started experimenting with sound influenced by a movie called Beat Street.

1993: after he finished school, he went for a six-month trip around India with some mix tapes in his bag. In India he experienced his first techno party and he knew what he want to do making people dance! And he made his first steps as a DJ by chance at a Open air in Bombay organized by some friends. The already booked DJ was so awful that they asked Emanuel to play his mix tapes and he played 12 hours in front of 700 Indian party people. And after that promoters ask him to play at parties in Goa, Bombay (Mumbai) and Pune. He rocked the parties with his mix tapes which he made at home. He did not know what a DJ is doing but the crowd in India liked his music and DJs from around the world told him to continue. Now it was too late, he had been infected with the DJ virus

1994: as he went back to Germany, he bought two Technics turntables, a mixer and his first vinyl. He started to spin records at a local club in Dortmund, called Orpheum. Soon he got a residency at this club, so every week he did the warm up for DJs like DAG, Marco Zafferano, Carl Cox, Mario DE Bellis, Michael Gruman and many more. It was a really exciting time watching that guys and to learn from them. Soon he played at other local clubs like Subground, Ruhr Rockhallen.

1995: he moved to Berlin. He played at Acid partys in and around Berlin, Amsterdam (Netherland) „Trance Buddha Club“ and in Antwerp (Belgium) Pacific Club.

1996: Inspired by Berlin Underground Partys he changed his style of music from Acid to Techno and TecHouse. That was the right decision. He played at clubs like Tresor, Casino, Maria Am Ostbahnhof, 103, SO36, Pfefferbank, Tacheles, Insel der Jugend, NonTox, Connection, Sternradio, Bastard, Supermolly, Glaswerk, Factorey, Subversiv, Cassiopeia, Hangar, Ministerium für Entspannung, ShizzoTempel, RAW and many more.. He worked together with promoters like Pyonen, Neurocomic, Kombinat23 and others.

1997: After some years of DJing and party he remembered his old synthesizer and computer and his interest to know how this music is made grew, wanting to know if he was able to create his own sound. He hooked up an Atari mega ST with Cubase connected his Roland D-10, bought a drum machine (Roland R-7) some Effects (Boss SE-50, Alesis Midiverb4) and a studio mixer (mackie 1604). The quest had begun and he started searching for his own path, to create electronic dance music

2000: he desired to know more and reach to the core of music production technology. He decided to go to the SAE college (School of Audio Engineering) to learn more about music production and technical stuff. After two years of studies, he finished the SAE. Meanwhile his Atari had become an apple G4 and Cubase changed to Logic Audio. The load of information about Electronics, Studios, Equipment and production technics where spinning around his head. Everything was numbers, physics or defined by rules. He had to free his mind and convert the knowledge for his own purpose and use

2004: He had so many tracks together people told him you have to play live. So he started to get into Ableton Live to be able to perform his own music.

2005: At his 30th birthday he played his first live act.The reaction and feedback was overwhelming. So he found himself at prime time on main stage. Rocking the most wanted clubs and party’s of „Techno-Central“ Berlin. He got that special touch and feeling for the dancing people ,like just a few other gifted ones. And his unique knowledge and understanding for the machines and the audio systems , is the reason for his ability to push the sound to the limit. He continuously keeps evolving and developing his music, style and live performances.

2007: Emanuel got more and more involved with the Tresor Family. And it took only a blink and he became one of the Resident Artists… And it goes on and on discovering the universe of sound, new techniques new spaces driving the machines to theire limit.
2010: After a party he found himself in the studio with Mad Max. Very fast they found out that they fit together. They founded the „SUB DEALERS“ and started playing live and formed the dynamic production duo.

„free the music and dance your soul“