cover traveler of entity by Tofa

Traveler Of Entity

Titel : Traveler Of Entity
Release Date : 15. Juli 2012

Release number 17. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 2012 by Emanuel Eisbrenner.

Traveler Of Entity .. Deep hypnotic grooves, with catchy hooks. A journey into the sound of the underground. Follow the technoist on his path through entity. Techno at its best…

Artwork by Tofa.


Dont Panic

Titel : Dont Panic
Release Date : 15. Oktober 2011

Release number 16. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 2011 by Emanuel Eisbrenner. Dont Panic it’s just Techno. Deep functional and grooving tracks. Taking you on a journey through club land. From the heights of the summits to the deepest basements.

Light a candle, skin up, have a glass of wine. Turn off the light and let yourself go.

(Cover artwork by Tofal)


Titel : Spazzotix
Release Date : 17. November 2010

Release number 15. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 2010 by Emanuel Eisbrenner. Enjoy this spaceious and exotic Techno peace. Listen to it LOUD!!

EIS015 „Spazzotix“ 2010



Titel : Reebotter
Release Date : 15. Dezember 2009

Release number 14. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 2009 by Emanuel Eisbrenner. Enjoy this masterpiece of Techno. Through my growing experience while playing live on stage. I reached now a nice and deep level of production … ENJOY !!

Artwork by Tofa.

EIS014 „Reebotter“ 2009

Minimal Vol10

REEBOTTER (Original Mix)

Titel : Reebotter
Release Date : 3. Dezember 2009

„Reebotter“ published as track no. 5 at the Minimal Vol.10 Sampler released in December 2009 on Operating Systems Label. It was my first work, published on an sampler.


Mindchip EP

Titel : Mindchip EP
Release Date : 16. Juli 2009
Manic RMX


Release Date : 20. Mai 2009

Manic is a special remix album from Jacob Richter’s track Manic. Seven remixes for the prime time and the large floor.

Togatekk EP

Titel : Togatekk
Release Date : 27. März 2009
A-Dot EP

A-Dot EP

Titel : A-Dot EP
Release Date : 30. Januar 2009


Release Date : 9. Oktober 2008

Release number 13. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 2008 by Emanuel Eisbrenner. So this year I passed the point of no-return. I realised that, to make a fat track it’s not about combining as many themes as possible. It’s about finding your main idea and presenting it in the right light. So this album you still have both ways …
Welcome to the cosmos of THECHNO !!

Artwork by Tofa.

EIS013 „COSMICZ“ 2008

Oshkosh EP

Oshkosh E.P.

Titel : Oshkosh E.P.
Release Date : 11. Dezember 2007
Troop Dizco 2007 Eis012


Release Date : 21. November 2007

Release number 12. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 2007 by Emanuel Eisbrenner. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?! Join my Troops and welcome to my Dizco. So after 12 years working hard in the deep mine of techno. The force is become strong. So pump up the volume and move your ass … THIS IS JUST THE FUCKING BEGINNING!!

Artwork by Tofa.



VerRückt EP

Titel : VerRückt EP
Release Date : 25. Januar 2007

1997 Alien Forces

Titel : Alien Forces
Release Date : 6. April 1997

This is the first LP release. All Tracks are Written and Produced in 1997 by Emanuel Eisbrenner.
(@ that times i was producing with my Atari and hardware Synthesizers via midi. Still three years until hardware recording and virtual machines entered my Studio.)